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Welcome to this Unresolved world full of Mysteries, a unique blog site here for you to explore the truth you always curious to know. Here, you'll come to know some of the rarest truths about life, religions, rituals, spirituality, energy, universe, and so on many other unrevealed aspects of life explained with detailed science with the easiest convincing words which can be understood by every breeds of brains.

About the author

Being a young spiritual enthusiast from the small city near Mumbai, named as Dombivli, This is an initiative to reveal those mysteries which triggered this 250grams of the brain to explore and dive deep into it and get to know the truth with convincing logic, science, and proofs. To reveal such truths, I have input my efforts, time, and deep observations to each and everything. 

I guess I'm blessed with the vision which investigates and raises questions to everything around before believing it. It is always been difficult for me to believe any philosophical knowledge very easily which is served in a plate simply, I am more interested in the ingredients to understand that those philosophies are really healthy or just a piece of junk with an attractive cover. I have always tried to seek and investigate things from a different angle and understand this world and the real version of the truth and I started questioning the rituals and my own religion Hinduism and tried to find out the truth with scientific explanations on my own.


Now I have started blogging about things I know to make sure that I spread this awareness to everyone to understand the user manual of this life. The first thing I have found out about myself that these curiosities from within are the real literal meaning of being Spiritual, so I began with my journey of spirituality to explore the truth about this universe. This resulted in taking an oath of being a Brahmachari for a year (2019-2020). So for this entire year, I have become a monk to explore some deep and unsolved mysteries. 


I am an employee of a corporate company and also an aspiring trainer who is having a unique approach to train their clients with the ancient values derived from the Puranas, Vedas, and Sutras.

Instead of self-praising about my qualities here, I keep my competency's judgment open to all and I request all of my readers to read each blog loaded with detailed explanations about this universe. I guarantee all the readers that I have written all the blogs with such a passion that you will get the tone of my voice back of the mind while reading these mysteries.

For any concerns or if you anyone wants to connect to me personally, I am opened to all my readers. You can drop an email in contact us page and I will reach out to you within 24 hours.

- Ravi Pandey

Founder of UnresolvedMystery.com

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