Science of AUM / OM | How to Meditate - 4

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

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Many of us know that the sound of AUM / OM is auspicious and many of us connect it with a religion's identity. However, a lot of us are unaware of the science behind the sound of Aum. So here an attempt to explain with the science and logic behind the sound Aum.

Firstly, you need to understand that OM is not the correct word, it's actually AUM. It starts from AAA sound then converts into OOO and ends with MMM. This sound is considered as the sound of emptiness. To create this sound you don't need to disturb your tongue, it's just coming out with empty space of food pipe.

Why it is helpful and considered as auspicious?

Because the whole universe is empty. In this universe, apart from planets and few stars, nothing else exists but only dark space. But this dark space has the ability to give birth to stars, planets, humans everything. That means something where nothing exists, something exists! if your hear those vibrations created by this empty space, you'll come to know a similar type of music is coming out at different frequencies. So in this sound of AUM, we just try our best to vibrate ourselves on the vibrations of emptiness to get union with this empty space. This helps to align our mind and body with the empty space full of energies which are the main reason for the creation.

Just like in your house, you try to control your TV with the help of remote control. Actually, you just vibrate your remote on certain frequencies which matches the television and it gets the control of the same. Likewise, here you try to vibrate yourself on the similar vibrations of the universe to get the best benefits and get the slight controls of it.

This is the reason why every mantra has the first word involved Aum in it because before chanting every mantra, we just vibrate ourselves on the frequency to get the bit of universal control and then we deliver the message to the universe by saying the remaining part of the mantra.

This sound of AUM is nothing to do with any religion or nationality. This can be practiced by every religion's follower to vibrate their every biological cell on the vibrations of the creation to get benefited from it.

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