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Updated: Oct 3, 2020

This blog helps to understand the science behind the basic meditation practice. As everyone promotes meditation but people don't try to know the scientific explanation behind every small thing which is prescribed by the ancients to practice in a basic meditation session.

Please stay tuned to upcoming blogs to understand the detailed science of meditation before you start practicing it.

Whenever we hear the word Meditation, we always assume a posture where you see someone sitting with a straight spine, joining two fingers and closing eyes. However, we never paid enough attention to it that why they do it? How this idea came into someone's mind to join two fingers while Meditation? What exactly happens when you do it? And what's the exact science behind this?

The concept of programming human's energy and biological system through making some hands postures is called Mudra.

Here's the science behind basic and one of the popular Mudras called Gyan Mudra which is commonly seen everywhere while Meditating. In this Mudra, we connect the index finger's tip to our thumb's tip, in this way we trigger the nerves in the thumb which sends some electromagnetic sensations to the middle of your eyebrows. I know the first question will come in some of your's minds that we never felt those sensations even though we practiced this Mudra. It is because your entire body's nervous system is not enough conscious right now to sense every activity which is going inside your body every single time. However, some of you can slightly or clearly feel the concentration between the eyebrows once you pressed the thumb's tip gently with fingers.

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