Science of GyanMudra |Science of Focusing in Middle of Eyebrows | Bhagvad Gita l How to Meditate-2

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

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The Science of Focusing on the Middle of Eyebrows

The Gyan Mudra is directly connected to the portion which is located in the middle of your eyebrows. The portion between your middle of eyebrows is always been important in Meditation that even in Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna spoke about this portion from where you can feel concentrated (Bhagavad Gita Chapter 8, Shloka 10). Even while reading this blog, if you just observe in the middle of your eyebrows, you'll suddenly feel more concentrated towards this blog to read more carefully, just take 3 seconds right now and be conscious about your middle of eyebrows.

Did you suddenly started feeling concentrated out of nowhere?..well, that's the magic of this blank portion between your eyebrows.

The human body is just not a piece of meat and bones but it has an infinite amount of hidden possibilities in it. This body has hundreds of hidden triggers in it and every trigger is unique and capable enough to rejuvenate physical, mental, and spiritual phenomenon in the body. If you explore the right triggers with the right techniques constantly then you can possibly rejuvenate some unbelievable superhuman energies into your mind and body just by switching a few simple triggers in the body. Some of these triggers in medical terms known as Acupressure and still, there are many miraculous things yet to explore in this machine full of infinite possibilities.

Practicing Mudras while meditation is a prescribed way to meditate because the veins in all of your fingers are the switches of power houses, with just gentle presses on your thumb you will be able to trigger your Concentrated State of Mind.

What Happens When Focus In the Middle of Eyebrows While Meditation?

Every acupressure points in the body connect and benefits to some parts of the body, it exactly works like any electronic piece of equipment in your house. Whenever you sitting in some corner of the house, you switch on some buttons on some boards stuck on a wall and you suddenly see the fan or light bulbs reacting to it accordingly.

Likewise, the human body has the many switches which release electromagnetic sensations to different parts of the body which commands their respective connected parts of the body. If you're enough conscious about these hidden triggers in your body then many diseases can be cured without medicines, physical strengths can be gained without putting many efforts and you can program your mind in whatever the way you want! Based on these methods, today in modern science many physical and mental problems are being cured just by switching some acupressure points.

Since we had hundreds of points in the entire body, there's one major acupressure point in the middle of your eyebrows which can be called as the main switch or king among all the acupressure points which majorly connects your Concentrated State of Mind and somewhat it connects to the entire body's acupressure points.

Practicing Mudras while meditation is a prescribed way to meditate because the veins in all of your fingers, with just gentle presses you will be able to trigger your Concentrated State of Mind. With practice, you can increase awareness and you can feel the changes in your mental condition just by doing this small thing.

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