The Law of Attraction | Fourth Law of The Universe | 12 Laws of The Universe

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Science Behind The Law of Attraction / How To Use Law of Attraction Scientifically To Manifest Desired Goals.

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This law is an essential and popular law amongst all the 12 laws of the universe. The universal law of attraction will help you to align your thoughts and emotions with goals to achieve with fewer hurdles.

We always had such questions about life that why we get or never get few things in our lives? Why some people receive most of the desired things in their lives and why some people never receive what they desired? Why some are very successful and some are not? So here's the detailed scientific explanation about the Law of Attraction and some Brain Science to understand and overcome this with awareness.

So every time while giving birth to a single thought within our brains, our brain simply creates a cell for the same in some corner of our minds and stores it. Just like a librarian keeps the books on the shelf and maintains it, our mind does it too. The more we emphasize our negative or positive emotions on certain thoughts, the thoughts and the brain cells related to this thought become more stronger and important to our minds. After involving a certain amount of negative or positive emotions to it, the mind assumes the same thought as important for us and it considers those thoughts as a mission to conquer.

Once our mind considers these thoughts as essential, it automatically draws our body language, our tone of voice, our every decision, our body movements and all the basic biological conditions according to those thoughts which are helpful to attract familiar situations into our life. Our mind starts attracting and distracting ourselves from the people, situations, opportunities which can transform those brain cells into reality.

It works like a slow medicine or slow poison depends upon the thoughts we Implanted in our brains, whether knowingly or unknowingly doesn't really matter! Automatically our brain transforms us into a person who is favorable to our desired thoughts and wishes, very soon the same thought becomes our future.

Some may still have a question that they never wanted certain kinds of people or situations in their lives. However, the results are the opposite! Why?

Though some are familiar with this law still here we do some mistakes which we are not aware of! Please understand some important rules before producing any kind of thoughts within our brains. Our brains don't understand what's negative or positive, what's good or bad, it just understands the core subjects of our thoughts. Just for example, if we simply establish a thought like "I don't want to get fat", we tend to increase more fat in our body because instead of wishing what we want in our life, we created a cell in our brain for what we don't want! Instead of this, we should have thought about "I want to be fit " and our mind starts attracting people, situations, opportunities, biological conditions to make you fit.

Therefore, always focus on thoughts that you wish to conquer. Focus on the Emotions which you wish to feel all the time. Focus on the people, situation, opportunities which are aligned with your goals. The mind is fooling you 24*7. To makes things right you need to take charge of your life and ride it wherever you want, not where this world wants!

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