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Updated: Oct 3, 2020

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The Law of Gender states that each dimension and creation of everything during this universe is made by two sources which are been identified as masculine and female energies.

The Law of Gender embodies the reality that there's GENDER manifested in everything. Humans aren't the sole creature who has Gender in their breeds. Animals, plants, birds, insects, Universal energies, and lots of more things are divided and identified with their Genders. We all are created by supreme energies and our genders are just a mirrored image of these supreme energies.

There is not even one aspect of life that the Masculine and female Principles aren't at work. this is often true altogether three dimensions.

The Physical Dimensions

The Mental Dimensions

The Spiritual Dimensions

Every physical body has both Male and feminine hormones i.e Testosterone and Estrogen. the quantity of dominance of those hormones within their body decides the gender.

As per the scientific and our ancient beliefs, Every force within the universe which offers creation and doesn't hold the capacity to make something but has the power to carry the seed of creation is often referred to as masculine energy.

The energy which features a greater ability than the seed of creation which actually processes the creation is often referred to as feminine energies.

The Physical Dimension of Gender

To explain this, The sperm may be a much smaller but extremely powerful seed within a human body that holds the facility to make another conscious human life. The seed actively seeks out the egg for the union. Though the male body holds the extremely powerful seed in their body which may create an entirely new life, still they're not enough capable to handle to the method of creation so those seeds need more powerful energy sources than the male's body where it can grasp more energies to evolve as a life. It actively searches for the union with feminine energies and must penetrate the egg to make a union. The sperm “offers and acts,” the egg “allows and says yes.” Once the male energy offers and is accepted, it's not needed within the creation process. during this state of total allowing, the actions that make the new baby are direct by the infinite possibilities of the potentiality of the Divine Feminine.

The Spiritual Dimension of Gender

Likewise, such processes exist behind every new creation. you would possibly not have identified them as a gender so far but our ancients were enough conscious of this law of gender within the universe and that they knew exactly what energies are often identified as feminine and what is often identified as masculine. On the idea of this, they started using the term for those energies as "Devi" and "Dev" for the multiple energies that exist in this universe. They used these energies rightly by just remembering those energy cells and vibrating themselves on the energy they want to accumulate.

Your knowledge, wisdom, emotions are truth sort of female energy. This is why we worship and identified 'Devi Saraswati' for education, and Sun's energy is identified as masculine energy, that's why he's been called 'Surya Dev'. All these energies lie within ourselves, by preaching and remembering them we actually request our those energies to come out and perform at fullest in this human body. Just by closing eyes and remembering the energies with the right methods will make those masculine and feminine energies vibrant enough to take full advantage of it in our material lives.

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