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Updated: Oct 3, 2020

As the word "Karma" is very popular out of fashion among generations without knowing the complete meaning of it. Thus here's a thorough understanding of The Law of Karma or The Law of Cause and Effects.

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The law of karma states that nothing happens by chance or outside the Universal Laws. for each action, there's an equal and opposite reaction or a reason. The law of karma states if there's a bearing, there's a reason or cause for it. Whatever you throw out into the planet will return to you. regardless of the circumstances, you're in, the results you're getting, the people you surrounded nothing but the replica of your past actions and thoughts. Every human's thoughts, words, and deeds are the Cause that generates a wave of energy throughout the universe which successively creates desirable or undesirable effects. The Law Karma works identical for everybody and it works every, single time. that is the reason good thoughts, words, emotions, and deeds are essential for a higher world for all to make good effects.

Now, I believe I need to clarify that this Law is not the same as the Law of Attraction, so please don’t confuse the two.

For example, you're fat now. This is the result of unhealthy and junkie foods you have eaten in the past. If you are in financial trouble, this is because you didn't control your unnecessary spendings in the past.

The law of karma states that your daily performed Karma irrespective of performed knowingly or unknowingly is the only factor that designs and decides your life. Everything within the world we see is as roads, multiplexes, comforts, buses, cars everything is nothing else but only our thoughts and the Karma we performed.

Therefore, be conscious of every Karma you are doing your regular days. Be conscious about each and every action you conduct in the present moment, and try as much as possible to do at least one task daily as in meditation, exercise, gaining knowledge, or learning something consciously, which could come out to be the results of your karma in the future.

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