The Law of Polarity | Eleventh Law of The Universe | 12 Laws of The Universe

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

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What is the Law of Polarity?

The Law of Polarity states that everything in this universe has its opposites. Everything you can experience or can't experience has equal opposites available in the universe. Everything is dual. We can not accept something completely without accepting their equal opposites. We cannot have left without a right, an up without a down, failure without success, a good without a bad, silence without a sound, light without darkness and so on it is a world of duality.

The Law of Polarity is an essential law to allows us to experience life to the fullest and appreciate the good in the world. In order to appreciate the value of feeling good, you need to be aware of how painful it is feeling bad. To experience pleasure, you need to be aware of pain. This law can not be resisted. If you're climbing height and expecting to reach the height, you have to equally accept the depth of height and fear of falling down, If there existed no such thing as death we could not fully enjoy and appreciate what it means to experience living life.

How The Law of Polarity Functions In The Universe?

While we think of something to happen, we fear to manifest the exact opposite of it. That's the polarity. The relationship you're getting into, the money you're investing into, joining a job or hiring an employee, starting a all these cases we love the positive sides but we fear the negatives of it, but the tricky part is here, the more you're comfortable with the negatives of your life, the more your foundation becomes stronger. If you just focus on the positives of your life, you will tend to make yourself Stable, not Strong!

Confused between these two?..haha, let me sort your mind for you!

A wrestler has to learn to get beaten hardly so many times to get trained on fighting in the ring. The more you're comfortable with the pain, the more you're stronger.

How To Make Use of The Law of Polarity In Human Life?

There is a big difference between being strong and being stable. Just like the difference between a table on the floor and a concrete pillar on the same floor. Both are stabilized on the same floor, but when an earthquake comes tables are more likely to be shaken as a compared pillar. It will take a much higher force to disturb the balance of a pillar because pillar equally rooted in its foundation below the ground to have a stable stand. Being stable will help you to be stabled until you don't come across forceful attacks on your mental life. However, being strong will make you enough abled to be stable, no matter what happens in your surroundings until someone doesn't input extraordinary force into your life.

Likewise, to become strong enough in feeling good, stay in constant motivation, working on your actions you need to first be comfortable with all the negatives of your lives. A wrestler has to learn to get beaten hardly so many times to get trained on fighting in the ring. The more you're comfortable with the pain, the more you're stronger. Once you're accepted and became comfortable with all the negatives of your life then they won't be able to disturb your mind and positive thought process which you're using for your betterment.

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