The Law of Relativity | The Ninth Law of The Universe | 12 Laws of The Universe

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

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The Law of Relativity is a vast topic to explain the speed of lights and the effect of gravity and time on it. However, I have replicated the concept in human lives and found the basic explanation from different sources to make it easily understandable to you guys. This law states nothing is isolated in this universe, everything is related to some of the things in the universe directly or indirectly. That's the relationship that keeps you connected to one divine energy who's responsible to give birth to this universe.

The law of relativity states that everything in the Universe is neutral when seen in isolation and it is only when we accept any meaning to anything that we see this reflected in our reality. There really is no “good” or “bad,” it is simply our impression that gives it those labels. The Universe is a blank canvas that projects our thoughts and beliefs back to us. Our mind is like a movie projector and our thoughts are like the film that is fed through the projector. Whatever we think is projected onto the blank canvas of the Universe and is shown back to us as the movie of our life. If your thoughts are negative and filled with a horror movie of sorts. This is what the Universe will reflect on its blank screen. If your thoughts are of love, compassion, and kindness then this is the movie that will be reflected back to us. Allow the movie of your life to be a movie you would be proud to show the world. Make it a masterpiece!

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