The Law of Rhythm - Part 1| Twelfth Law of The Universe | 12 Laws of The Universe

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

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What is the Law of Rhythm?

The Law of Rhythm embodies the truth that nothing is in the world rests, every molecule in the universe vibrates on some energies. What we also need to understand is that the vibration is not chaotic, it vibrates on some set of patterns, and the continuity of those patterns forms a Rhythm.

To understand how The Law of Rhythm works, we must think about the energy in the universe being like a pendulum. For example, a pendulum swings to the right, but it doesn’t stay there does it? No. It then swings back to the left. It keeps this continuity of rhythm of back and forth, back and forth indefinitely.

How The Law of Rhythm Works In Human Life?

Everything we experience in this universe through our five senses whether it's smell, noise, light, vibrations.. everything has a rhythm in themselves. We all have rhythms in every aspect of our lives the way we walk, the way we think, the way every cell in the body functions, the way the world moves ahead of every second, the way businesses and markets function, each and everything has its rhythm.

You only see the big changes or the group of thousands of little rhythms. Yet, all you do is change. Every single second, becoming a better physical, mental, and emotional version of yourself, is the constant process of rhythm. Since you are born to the moment you are reading this blog, everything has developed in yourself without your intention to do it, it happened automatically every second with a Rhythm. It is only your thought that restricts you from being aware of the Law of Rhythm.

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