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Updated: Oct 3, 2020

This is the second part of my previous blog about the Universal Law of Rhythm - Part 1. If you haven't read the previous post then I request you to please read that to have a better understanding of this blog.

Ancient Use of The Law of Rhythm

This is something I am sharing a secret of ancient sages and people who practicing intense mental or spiritual practices. You might have surprised by looking at some people that how consistent they are in their expertise or how focused, concentrated they are in their whatever work they are doing.

The biggest secrets about all of such folk's consistency, focus, and concentration are the Rhythm. They are following nothing but one of the universal laws is the Law of Rhythm. They are following this knowingly or unknowingly but without having a rhythm in their lives they can not be consistent with actions and thoughts.

Whether you become dedicated knowingly or unknowingly but without having a rhythm, you can not be consistent with your actions and thoughts.

How To Master The Law of Rhythm?

To master this law, we don't need to study this or learn this, it is simply known within our experiences. For example, we did not study the law of gravity, yet it exists and operates within us perfectly, never floating up in the air because we do not understand it and we can make use of it in our manner that being aware of the gravity, we can use it to walk on the surface, jump from the height or commit suicide from our buildings, it's totally up to us how we use the gravity. We understand it because we experience it and because it is our personal experiences, we do not have to explain it to stay on the ground.

Likewise, the law of rhythm is already and always functions in everything. A master of this law understands that when they're going off route from their aligned thoughts and actions. They just observe the rhythm of their thoughts and actions and once they find out the bug, they immediately change their rhythms to get back to the aligned goals.

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