The Science of Guru Purnima

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

The Science of Guru Purnima | Space Science of Jupiter

Many of us are aware of this occasion since childhood but rarely anyone of us is aware of the fact there are many full moon days in a year, but why only this day is dedicated to Gurus? So here is some facts and information which we all must know about Guru Purnima to get the full benefits of this occasion.

The word Guru is the combination of two words, 'Gu' and 'Ru'. The Sanskrit word "Gu" means darkness or ignorance. "Ru" means the remover of darkness. Therefore one who removes the darkness of our minds is a Guru. There is one more thing in this universe named Guru. It is a planet in our solar system with the same name, and in the English language, it's known as Planet Jupiter.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the entire planetary system of 8 planets and it also plays the role of savior for other planets. Since it's huge in size, the force of gravity is also higher. There are many meteorite floats in the space which travels towards earth or other neighbor planets and it can destroy the planets if they get hit to any of the neighboring planets.

Jupiter's gravitational force reduces, changes the direction, or pulls those meteorites towards itself and saves the other planets from destruction. Even if it fails to stop such disastrous floating objects to float towards earth, it reduces the speed and other neighbor planets or changes their directions. That's the reason this planet is considered as Guru in all the 8 planets.

Astronomically, the Guru Purnima is considered as brightest night and at this time Jupiter's planetary positions is closest to Earth and Sun. The combination of gravitational forces of Sun, Full Moon, Jupiter and Earth enhances the human life in significant way where mental receptivity is at its highest.

Since our planet is located in a perfect geometrical position where it can sustain a normal temperature, getting saved from the floating objects in the space and gets sufficient amount of energies from the sun, that's the reason the earth is successful to sustain the life on it for the millions of years.

Astronomically, at this time the planet Jupiter enters in 12th house(12th Rashi, which is called Kark Rashi in Hindi), which means at this time Jupiter is closest to Sun on this day.

Full moon day is the most auspicious day where the moon pulls everything from the earth towards upward. This can be witnessed in the effect on tides in the sea. Since our body is 70% water, all the nutrients, water, energies are pulled upward. On the occasion of Guru Purnima, planet Jupiter adds up the more spices on it because at this time Jupiter's planetary position is closer to the sun and earth. Therefore, we also get privileged by Jupiter's slight amount of gravity and this is a golden day to experience a sense of enlightenment where we have gifted the gravitational forces through the sun, moon, Jupiter, and earth at the same time.

Astronomically, the Guru Purnima is considered as brightest night, and Mahashivratri is considered as the darkest night in the year. Both nights have their benefits and their positive effects on human bodies.

Because of all these astronomical factors, our minds are most receptive to this day. All these gravitational forces help to enhance the mental capacity and expanding the horizons of brains unknowingly by nature. If you're enough conscious about things going inside your physical system, you'll be able to use this day to boost the speed of enhancing mental capacity and you can grasp many learnings & skills on this day very quickly.

Therefore, on the occasion of Guru Purnima, you must offer your respect to your gurus and must try to learn something from your Guru and We all should try to grasp knowledge as much as you can on this day as this planetary organization happens only once in a year.

Thank you for reading!! Happy Guru Purnima.

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