The Science of Shivlinga / Shivalingams - Part 3

This is the additional part of my previous blog about Shivalinga. If you have not read part 1, and Part 2 then please read the previous parts of this blog to have a better understanding of this blog.

Our ancient scientists (Rishi Munis) were conscious of the fact that everything which is there or not there, made or not made is just a group of Atoms, and every atom has these three cells or particles known as Electrons, Protons, Neutrons. In past, people didn't have these sophisticated names in order that they called these particles Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Where one who creates, one who destroys, and another one who neutralizes.

So the Shivalinga has three major parts within them, lower part, middle part, and upper part. The lower part is considered as Brahma, the Middle part is considered as Vishnu and the Upper part is considered as Shiva.

Shivalinga is conducted with such ancient energy techniques and methods that convert their atoms into a Powerhouse of atomic energies. Once it's charged with energies, the Shivalinga due to its shape stays charged throughout the lifespan if maintained and it auto increases the energies within lingam automatically which makes the Shivalinga extremely vibrant. This is the reason why snakes are wrapped over Shivalingams because snakes can't hear, they can only feel the vibrations. So Shivalingas vibrations are enough attractive that snakes get wrapped over lingas.

According to physiques, everything which is atomically charged has to be in contact with water to control its radioactivity. The water is flowing on the head of the shiv linga continuously due to its radioactiveness. Even in the atomic centers, the atoms are kept in water due to their radioactiveness.

All these organizations of energies are quite difficult to produce within human bodies hence we have found a way to form a structure from which we can absorb these energies. So the perfectly organized shivalingas are the source of those energies which is essential for humans but not able to generate within them automatically.

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Happy Mahashivratri, Thank you for reading the blog!!

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