The Law of Compensation | The Seventh Law of Universe | 12 Laws of The Universe

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

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The law of compensation states that we all are compensated in direct proportion to what actions we put out into the Universe. Here, the term 'Action' includes everything as a part of actions like our regular activities, our thoughts, memories, emotions, and every small decision we make daily. The law of compensation is part of our Law of Karma, but both are different from each other. However, The Law of Karma is particularly related to our material actions performed out there in the universe but the law of compensation accommodates our emotions as an actor too since it plays a vital role in framing our life design.

The law of compensation states that every action you do, the universe compensates us or sometimes we have to compensate the universe for our actions.

What you put in, you get out. You reap what you sew! What you contribute is what you receive in terms of Efforts, Love, Joy, Hate. You will get compensated for something, whether positive or negative is up to you.

Spread more love, and more love will be returned to you.

Spread more happiness, and more happiness will be returned to you.

Spread more hate, and more hate will be returned to you.

Keep more selfish expectations from the people, the more people's selfish expectations will be returned to you.

Spread more wealth, and more wealth will be back to you.

This is important because if you are getting compensated for something in your presence, most probably your previous life energies have drawn this result.

For example, if you're poor now, you didn't do anything in the past which will make you rich in the presence. Even if you did something, most probably you didn't have input the sufficient amount of effort and emotions to get there. Please understand that YOU'RE GETTING COMPENSATED FOR WHAT YOU ARE THROWING IN THE UNIVERSE EACH SINGLE TIME.

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