Why Females Were Prescribed (Never Prohibited) Not To Visit Lord Shani's Statue| Ancient Science

Updated: Feb 15

If you have not read Part 3 then please read the first part to have a complete understanding of this and the next blog.

In every family, the females are considered as the centre of energy source. changes in feminine energies can affect their family in a drastic way and the family can affect the entire society and society can affect the entire country and so on. So our ancients believed in taking care, taking extra care of the female's energies and keeping them mentally, energetically, biologically balanced, and healthy.

Whereas, the Shani Temple is different from all the other temples we visit regularly. It doesn't have a roof. As its a symbol of planet Saturn which is known for the disruptive negative energies, likewise, the temples are also not built on the positively charged land. There are no positive charges consecrated while building such temples. The planet Saturn or Lord Shani is known for its negative magnetic energies around itself. A minimal short amount of negative energy is good for humans to kill some impurities. However, the statue and the land of Shani statue built on holds the highest amount of negatively charged land. Since females are way higher receptive to energies, there are possibilities that they end up absorbing more than the required negative energies within them.

These negative energies will shake their mental and energy equilibrium and with the unstable mind and this can also affect the close ones and close ones can manifest such energies out there in the society. That's the reason why females were suggested to distance themselves from the negatively charged land and temples where such energies have been consecrated.

We all failed to pass on these reasonings and facts to our generations after many outside attacks on our land after British rule. Therefore, we being unaware of these facts converted many basic rituals and precautions into the Taboos. Due to huge knowledge disconnection from ancient generations to our generations, many degrading and discriminatory factors took in place and this resulted in us starting to dislike our own cultures.

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