The science of Guru Purnima
The Science of Straight Spine in meditat
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Ravi Pandey was my student at Model College, Dombivli. He was highly inclined towards social work and rose to become the leader of the college NSS unit. Even after college, he was active in social work and has walked with me thrice on the Dandi Yatra. Now he has embarked on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and is learning the science behind the various temples of India. I read one of his articles out of a series of articles on temples and was impressed by the motive behind it. He is non-communal and non-casteist by nature and hence his writings do need some attention. He has a long way to go in his life but has made a modest beginning.” 

-K.S Iyer

Advocate, Social Worker and

Trustee of Jai Bharat English School and S.I. English School